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Martha Stewart Living Lives On

While stations are pulling the plug on Martha Stewart Living right and left, King World plans to stick with the show.

"King World Productions will continue to distribute Martha Stewart Living to local stations that want to continue to broadcast the program," the company said in a statement Tuesday. It  would not comment beyond that.

So far, Viacom, which also owns King World, has pulled the show from its CBS and UPN stations. Gannett Broadcasting's KSDK-TV St. Louis, an NBC affiliate, also has removed the show from its lineup.

King World distributes the show for a fee, but Stewart's company, Martha Stewart Living OmniMedia, sells the national advertising. That means that while losing the show would mean losing the time slots, Martha Stewart Living isn't one of King World's biggest revenue drivers.

In light of Stewart's legal troubles, stations all season have been running the show in late-night time slots.

Viacom-owned WCBS-TV in New York is replacing the show with a second run of Entertainment Tonight, while viewers at Viacom-owned KCBS-TV in Los Angeles have been watching Buena Vista's The Wayne Brady Show.