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Maria Rothschild

TITLE: Director, Video Product Management, Adelphia

WHY WE'RE WATCHING: While the bankruptcy and auction process make for Adelphia uncertainties, the MSO played some serious catch-up last year, commercially deploying VOD, DVR and HDTV. Rothschild was not only involved in development and content decisions, but pushing the products out to subscribers.

SCORE ON 2004: “My passion is in new product marketing. Being a part of the Adelphia team, which has made great strides this year with new video products, has been a great challenge and success. I feel like we did in a year what it took other MSOs three years to do. The pace is fast, but it is also thoughtful and customer-focused.”

WHAT'S NEXT: “Unlike digital, HD, DVR and VOD are developing more capabilities monthly — our first priority is to keep our customers and our internal audience up-to-date on these developments. Our product goal is not just to keep up with competition, but to look for opportunities to leapfrog them.”

DRIVE IN 2005: “What this company needs most, it already seems to have a lot of: motivated, inspired, smart people who do what needs to be done for the company.

EXECUTIVE EVOLUTION: “Adelphia not only has strong women in key roles — including senior vice president, programming Judy Meyka; senior vice president, customer care Ellen Filipiak; and senior vice president, sales and marketing Nancy McGee — but it cascades a culture of meritocracy and high standards to all employees, regardless of gender.”

AT HOME, AT PLAY: “I have two children, Wellington, 16 months, and Clinton, 5. My husband, Mike, is director of operations at Lennar/US Home. In 2004, Mike was deployed to Iraq as an Army Special Forces reservist. Now that he's back and I can breathe a little, it seems life has become even busier with kids and social activities and trying to make time for ourselves.”