Making Cross-Platform History

Comcast Corp. customers will be able to provide a little historical perspective on an upcoming programming gambit from The History Channel.

The service is partnering with Comcast on a broadband and on-demand premiere of its 10-part 10 Days That Unexpectedly Changed America before it airs on the cable channel.

In a first for the network, Comcast Digital Cable subscribers will be able to view the first episode in the series, Antietam, April 2 on video-on-demand, one week before its April 9 TV premiere. The other nine episodes will be available to Comcast On Demand subscribers one week after their on-air premieres.

At the same time, Comcast high-speed-Internet customers will have access to video clips of behind-the scenes footage and interviews with the special's directors. Some of that same content, plus interviews with historians involved in the project, will be available to on-demand subscribers.

For its part, Comcast is promoting the VOD and broadband programming through a marketing mix that includes cross-channel spots promoting the linear broadcast, bill stuffers, direct-mail pieces, e-mail marketing and an online presence (

The series examines 10 watershed events in our nation's history. Two one-hour programs will premiere each night April 9 to 13.