Mag Rack Goes to ‘Pilates’ Class

Mag Rack, Rainbow Media Holdings Inc.'s video-on-demand service, is expected Tuesday to announce the launch of "Pilates," the first on-demand video magazine of its kind.

Mag Rack will make the popular fitness routine -- combining strength, endurance and flexibility -- available to viewers beginning March 11.

Updated monthly, Pilates, hosted by instructors, will combine a new selection of mostly floor-mat exercises that will benefit beginner and advanced participants alike, according to Mag Rack officials.

Additionally, from May 6-June 3, Mag Rack will mix programming from Pilates with entries from its "Yoga Retreat" and "Personal Trainer" offerings under the on-demand heading "Bikini Abs." The combo is designed to help watchers get in shape for the start of the summer and beach season.