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Madison Avenue Execs Say Fall Money Well Spent

Satisfied Buyers
By Jon Lafayette
Media buyers who pumped $9.1 billion into broadcast TV during last spring's upfront are considering it money well spent, as execs say they are upbeat about how the new season is unfolding so far. There are some encouraging signs, the buyers say, particularly when it comes to the comedy genre.Read more

Fall of Surprises
By Andrea Morabito
A month ago, B&C asked broadcast network brass what they were most eager to see play out this fall, and just three weeks into the 2011-12 season, some answers are already starting to take shape.Read more

U.S. Series Star in CannesBy George Winslow
Demand for U.S. TV shows remained buoyant at this year's MIPCOM, with distributors reporting impressive sales for a number of upcoming U.S. network midseason shows and a number of newer players opening their wallets. Read more