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MADD: More alcohol ads than PSAs

Mothers Against Drunk Driving said media public-service announcements warning
against underage drinking and drunk driving are no match for the volume of
alcohol-beverage ads on TV.

Citing a study from the Center on Alcohol Marketing and Youth, MADD said
young people under the age of 21 were 60 times more likely to see a TV alcohol
ad than a PSA.

President Wendy Hamilton added, "Responsibility messages don't have a chance
of getting through to our young people . The sale of alcohol is obviously
winning the war of the airwaves at the expense of America's youth."

MADD has called on Congress to make the prevention of underage drinking a

Ad Council president Peggy Conlon said the council "joins MADD, Congress, the
industry and anyone else who would like to make the issue of underage drinking a
top priority." The council coordinates PSA campaigns, including for underage
drinking and drunk drinking.

Conlon said the council has been encouraging Congress to fund a national
campaign. "As in the past," she added, "I believe we can expect nothing short of
a strong commitment of pro-bono support from the media and advertising
industries for an underage-drinking-prevention campaign."