'Mad Men' Pushed Towards More Advertisements

The news that the fifth season of AMC's Mad Men has been delayed until early
2012 has led to speculation over which costs, if any, it will cut, Advertising
Age reported.
The show's production costs, which land at around $3 million
per episode, far exceed the amount of ad revenue earned in the past few years.

Matthew Weiner, the show's producer, objects to cutting
minutes from each episode to make room for advertisements. Other suggestions
include trimming the cast list and product placement in the show. However, even
with all the hype, the show does not bring in the ratings that warrant such expense.
Lionsgate, the show's studio, relies on DVD sales and sales to international
markets to bring in more profit.

AMC has recently shed its "American Movie Classic" - from
which it gets its acronym - persona and added original dramas to its lineup,
including The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, and upcoming The Killing. As these programs grow, Mad Men may suffer with increasing
expenses, resulting in even more advertisements. -- Lindsay Rubino