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Machinima Launches Channel on Twitch

Machinima, the digital programmer focused on gamer and “fandom” fare, has launched a new 24/7 channel on Twitch, the gaming-focused streaming service that Amazon acquired in 2014.

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The channel, called Machinima 24/7, runs a curated mix of gaming/fandom content along with two hours of live programming each week day.

Update: Like other Twitch channels, Machinima's new offering on the service is free. The new Machinima channel is ad-free to Twitch users who subscribe to the feed (and get other perks), and ad-supported if they do not. 

Machinima, now part of Warner Bros. Digital Networks, said it is emphasizing “best of” gaming and animation content at launch, including videos from Body Count Fighting and Mega Man Dies At The End, among others.

New live content on Machinima’s 24/7 offering includes VR Power Hour (a show focused on VR and mixed reality games and other content); ETC Party Time (ETC’s Ricky and Elion play a combo of top video and table games with a rotating supporting cast); Spacebar (“nerd talk for nerds, not noobs”); and Games With Shibby (a show with internet personality Shibby2142 playing top gaming titles).  

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“Twitch is home to one of the largest and most loyal communities of fandom and gamer content in the world,” Machinima SVP/GM Russell Arons said, in a statement. “This new initiative with Twitch shows the power and appeal of the Machinima brand and is another important step as we continue to expand our programming service to an increasingly significant number of digital video platforms, providing them with high quality, millennial-targeted video content for today’s mobile, social media world.”

The Twitch launch expands on Machinima’s digital distribution outlets, which also include go90, Amazon Video, Xumo, Comcast’s Watchable, Sky Q, Sohu (China) and AMC (Mexico, Portugal, Spain), as well as an SVOD service that is offered on Sony’s PlayStation Vue. VRV, Ellation’s SVOD aggregation service, launched with Machinima, but has since dropped Machinima, as well as RiffTrax and Ginx, and replaced them with other services. 

Machinima doesn’t break out subscribers, but the company said the service attracts 144 million monthly uniques from around the world.