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Senior vice president, science and technology, NAB

CAREER: Current position since 1995. Previously was vice president, director of advanced engineering and technology and staff engineer, NAB; director of communications engineering, Hoppmann Corp., 1980-88; part-time adjunct professor of physics, American University, 1984-89; development engineer (phonograph cartridges, tone arms, test records), Shure Brothers Inc., 1977-80

EDUCATION: B.A. (music), Oberlin College, Oberlin, Ohio; B.S.E.E., Washington University, St. Louis; M.S.E.E., Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago

FAMILY: Wife, Jeanne; two children, Carl, 11, and Caitlin, 8

WOULD RATHER BE: Watching HDTV at home (if I had one)

BEST LESSON: "Life is what happens while you're waiting for the future."