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Louis Farrakhan to Appear on 'News One Now'

TV One'sNews One Now  morning news show will dedicate its Sept. 10 newscast to an interview with Minister Louis Farrakhan, the network said Tuesday.

The live, in-studio interview, hosted by News One Now’s Roland Martin, will be Farrakhan's first on-air appearance since recently announcing the 20th Anniversary Million Man March, which is set to take place Oct. 10, said network officials. Farrakhan led the first Million Man March in Washington D.C. in 1995. 

Farrakhan will discuss the reasons behind the “Justice or Else!” rally as well as talk about the Black Lives Matter Movement and the Youth Hip Hop Mobilization, said network executives. Farrakhan will also talk about the current state of race relations in America and other related issues.

"It has been 20 years since 1 million Black men assembled on the National Mall for the Million Man March. The impetus then was the condition of Black men and the Black family, and 20 years later, we are still dealing with the same issues," says Martin in a statement. "This no-holds barred discussion with Minister Louis Farrakhan will focus on lessons learned – good and bad – from the March 20 years ago, and the 10 year anniversary March in 2005, as well as the agenda that will be implemented for this year's Justice Or Else! rally."