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Look Back Launches In Time Warner Cable Markets

Time Warner Cable said it has launched the "Look Back" feature in several markets after doing market trials.

Look Back gives Digital Video customers the ability to go back within a three-day window to watch shows they may have missed without setting their DVR. It will launch with 48 channels (24 in HD and 24 in standard definition) with a consistent lineup across cable systems, TWC said.

TWC said it did market trials in several cities and is launching Look Back in markets including New York, New England, North Carolina, South Carolina, Ohio, Wisconsin and parts of Texas.

Look Back complements Start Over, which lets a customer restart a program in progress, and on-demand offerings that are generally available one to eight days after original air time.

Look Back programming content is available immediately after it has aired on the network channel.

"Look Back gives customers the ability to further time-shift and achieve more control over the programming they want to watch," Melinda Witmer, EVP and chief programming officer at Time Warner Cable, said in a release. "There is no need to set a DVR and no worries about getting special equipment. Look Back is easy, fast and simple for all of us with busy schedules."

Digital video customers use the "Select" button on their remote control then choose Look Back to find a program. The available window for these programs will be 72 hours. For example, if a show airs 8-9 p.m. on Tuesday, customers can view that show immediately after it has aired until 9 p.m. Friday. Pause and rewind functions work during a Look Back session but not fast forward.

For a complete channel lineup and more information on Look Back, click on this link.