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Lippin Family Trust Creates Two New Cancer Research Programs

The Lippin Family Trust has created two programs devoted to cancer research and public service in the name of late Lippin Group president Ronnie Lippin, it was announced today by Dick Lippin, Ronnie’s husband and chairman of the Trust.

Both programs are in association with the Tower Cancer Research Foundation. 

The Tower Cancer Research Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to preventing, treating and eventually curing cancer.  The Foundation conducts leading edge clinical trials and develops treatment options for patients suffering from cancers or blood disorders.

“The Tower Cancer Research Foundation is proud to honor Ronnie Lippin in this way.  We believe these new programs and continued research support will open new doors to patients and their families suffering from cancer,” stated Solomon I. Hamburg, MD. PHD and president & CEO of the Tower Cancer Research Foundation Board. 

The two programs that have been created are The Ronnie Lippin/Tower Cancer Research Foundation Fellowship and The Ronnie Lippin Cancer Outreach Program at the Tower Cancer Research Foundation. The Fellowship Program will conduct studies to find cures for cancer and to better understand the causes of the disease. The Cancer Outreach Program will be dedicated to providing the public with information about cancer and what loved ones need to know about the realities of dealing with patients and the medical world.

Program elements currently being discussed include national surveys, symposiums, speakers bureau and media outreach activities. 

Those looking for more information can contact Pam Golum at the Lippin Group (323-965-1990) or Pam Blattnet at the Tower Cancer Research Foundation (310-285-7242).