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Limbaugh suffers major hearing loss

Conservative radio commentator Rush Limbaugh revealed that he is going deaf,
having already lost most of his hearing.

But the popular host plans to continue his syndicated radio show.

Limbaugh disclosed his condition Monday during his show, telling listeners he
developed hearing loss last May that has rendered him 100 percent deaf in one
ear and with 80 percent loss in the other.

Limbaugh said he'll use sophisticated equipment to help with his show,
although a spokeswoman from Premiere Radio Networks, which syndicates his show,
would not elaborate on the technology other than to say that it's working

Last summer, Premiere signed Limbaugh to syndication's richest contract -- an
eight-year deal worth a reported $250 million plus a $35 million signing

In a statement, Premiere president and chief operating officer Kraig T.
Kitchin said his company 'is committed to airing the Rush Limbaugh broadcast
through 2009,' and a spokeswoman said Limbaugh's contract is guaranteed.

Limbaugh's show -- which airs Monday through Friday from noon to 3 p.m. -- is
not expected to change formats.

Limbaugh told listeners Monday that he would be taking more time off to visit

In his absence, Tony Snow -- who has substituted for Limbaugh on occasion --
will likely continue to fill in.

Limbaugh's show is heard on nearly 600 stations across the