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Limbaugh, Carville could be CNN cronies

Right-wing radio host Rush Limbaugh and Democrat strategist James Carville could find themselves on the same CNN team.

If Limbaugh finds his way onto CNN, he might be paired with a liberal personality. CNN's new chairman Walter Isaacson has reportedly tossed around Carville's name. Limbaugh said Monday on his radio show that "CNN is talking to me ... I am listening," and CNN officials aren't discounting the possibility. "CNN is always looking for a diversity of on-air voices," a spokeswoman said, but declined to comment further.

Limbaugh would be a big name that Turner Broadcasting chief Jamie Kellner is looking for, and add a spice of conservatism to CNN, which has been accused of leaning too far left (Limbaugh himself once called it the "Clinton News Network") Kellner has said he wants to load CNN up with big-name talent who can draw viewers back to the slumping news network. Isaacson recently met with Republican leaders in Washington to assure them that CNN attends to both ends of the political spectrum.

Fox News, whose president Roger Ailes produced Limbaugh's failed attempt at a syndicated TV show in the early 90s, might make a play for Limbaugh. But a Fox News spokesperson would not comment further on Limbaugh, saying only, "Rush Limbaugh is a major talent, we'd love to have him."

Limbaugh recently renewed his radio deal through 2009 with Premiere Radio Networks for $285 million.
- Allison Romano