Life Still a Beach at MTV

MTV: Music Television's reality-drama hybrid, Laguna Beach -- The Real Orange County, will return for a second season of surfing and snobbery in 2005.

The show, which followed the real life teen travails of high school students in Southern California, was shot to resemble a scripted teen drama, which means free of standard reality TV conventions like confessional scenes.

Production for season two begins this summer, picking up, for those who care, where this season left off following a love triangle between Stephen; last season's narrator, LC; and Kristin, who will narrate this time around.

Season one of the show will also debut as a multi-disc DVD set from MTV and Paramount Home Entertainment.

Laguna Beach was created for MTV by Liz Gateley. Gateley, Gary Auerbach and MTV Senior Vice President of Production Tony DiSanto served as executive producers on the series.