Liberty, Net2Phone Launch VoIP in Puerto Rico

Voice over Internet protocol has come to “La Isla Bonita.”

Liberty Cablevision of Puerto Rico Inc. said Monday that it has launched residential telephony service using Net2Phone Inc.'s fully managed end-to-end cable VoIP service.

The service, dubbed "Liberty VoiceLinks," is available to nearly 300,000 homes passed by the operator.

The launch marks VoIP’s Puerto Rican debut.

The operator is offering a choice of five calling plans, with packages starting at $24.95 per month, which includes unlimited local calling and 911 service, discounted long-distance calling and 16 premium features.

Under terms of the original six-year agreement, Liberty maintains ownership of the customer, service brand and tier-one customer and technical support, while Net2Phone supports the back-office platform, switching and transport, ongoing operations and tier-two-plus technical support.