Liberty Global Picks Benu Networks for IPv6 Migration

Liberty Global is teaming with Benu Networks to support the MSO’s transition to IPv6 using a dual-stack approach.

Liberty Global will head that way using Benu’s IPv6 Dual-Stack (DS-Lite) solution, using the vendor’s Virtual Service Edge (VSE) platform, which provides a software-managed approach at the CPE level, as the foundation.

Liberty Global and Benu have also teamed with Arris on the design, integration and deployment of the IPv6 solution.

They said the transitional approach with dual-stack will pivot Liberty Global to IPv6 without interrupting its legacy use of IPv4.

ISPs around the world are migrating to IPv6, and its massive pool of IP addresses, as the IPv4 pool depletes. Comcast polished off its IPv6 dual stack network deployment in 2014.

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The dual-stack approach, they said, will help the operator move to IPv6 without requiring any public IPv4 addresses to be assigned to the CPE. It also enables support of IPv6 traffic in the ISP core network, they said.

Liberty Global, an investor in Benu Networks, initially purchased the vendor’s Virtual Service Edge platform to support its community WiFi service, and for a Static IP virtual CPE solution for its business customers.

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