Liberal Bias Killed Network News

By Staff

Editor’s note: On B&C’s Web site on April 19, we reported comments by ABC News correspondent Sam Donaldson proclaiming that network news is “dead,” replaced by the 24-hour cable news networks. Donaldson appeared at an NAB panel with two other TV journalists, Jeff Greenfield and Charles Osgood. The item was picked up by the Drudge Report.

Editor: The three “news” reporters trying to explain why the mainstream TV news media has lost so much ground never got around to the primary reason. Their bias, lies, made-up stories [and] distortions finally caught up with them, and people just don’t believe what they report. They turn to other sources and discover just how off-base the major TV left-wing, anti-American, socialist, pro-Democrat “news” propaganda machines have been for years and years.

James W. Boyd

Editor: The networks are losing viewers because the general public doesn’t trust them! They ooze their liberal views, and you can hear their disdain for anyone who doesn’t agree with their assessment of a situation. No one likes to be talked down to, and that’s how they are perceived by me and everyone I know.

What happened to the reporter who reports the news from all sides without any inflection of self opinion?

Gena Gideons

Editor: I don’t know if network news is dead as pompous Sam Donaldson proclaims, but I do know his ridiculous comb-over hairdo is. For sure.

Hugh Brian O’Neill