LG OCAP-Enabled TV Gets CableLabs’ OK

Cable Television Laboratories certified an OpenCable Application Platform-enabled interactive digital television manufactured by LG Electronics.

LG’s 42-inch OpenCable plasma HDTV set features built-in OCAP technology, multistream CableCARD capabilities and interactive capabilities, as well as support for HD content and interactive services like video-on-demand and pay-per-view.

“This announcement means that consumers will soon be enjoying more choice at retail for integrated digital devices on which they may experience cable's growing volume of advanced interactive services," said Mark Coblitz, senior vice president of strategic planning for Comcast and chairman of the CableLabs OpenCable Business Advisory Team, in a prepared statement.

"We greatly appreciate the commitment and support that LG has shown to our market-based initiatives for extending cable's broadband offerings," he added.