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Letter From the Staff: Make Your Own Luck in '13

There's no time like the start of year '13 to consider how to make one's own luck. Here are our top strategies for taking the reins of your own year ahead.

Commit to your digital future. We heard from a lot of you that you are unsure how to balance investments in your traditional businesses vs. the digital future. We'll keep this one simple: Bet on your digital future; you're already living in it.

Re-establish your standards. Few were immune in 2012 to the wrath of a snap judgment or a deal made in haste. Set clear standards and be sure to enforce them in 2013. Whether it's how much value you put on content you're willing to pay for or be paid for, a news organization determining its process for sourcing information before reporting it or deciding where to draw your own line for what graphic violence is appropriate, you won't regret having clear lines to help govern your toughest decisions. Speed notwithstanding, the end result will be an important one: greater trust.

Decisiveness starts from the top. There's less time than ever for wishy-washy leadership. Things are moving too fast to play wait and see. We commend the leaders who have taken strong, clear positions in recent months, whether we agree with their positions or not. Clarity is key to getting everyone rowing in the same direction-and for making your external relationships more productive by letting everyone know where you stand.

Get on the same page with the big stuff. From mobile DTV strategies to authentication to addressable advertising to C3 vs. C7, we as a community have been moving in too many different directions, causing confusion and stunting growth.

Moving forward together on some of the most potentially game-changing decisions on maintaining and growing the TV and media landscape depends on a few more folks joining the team. So if the effort you're aligned with is serving you only a little bit better than one that seems to serve the greater industry interest, reconsider that old adage that sometimes if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. (Don't like the advice? We have two words for you: fiscal cliff.)

Get mobile. As contributing editor George Winslow reports in this issue, even though mobile is now a mainstream technology, revenue has not kept pace. According to Magna Global, U.S. mobile ad revenue grew 78% in 2012 but still amounts to only 8% of U.S. digital ad revenue and 1% of the total. Translation: This is where there is room to grow. Figure out your mobile strategy now.

Don't lose your nerve. Take a tip from someone kicking off '13 by making arguably the biggest move of his career, Jimmy Kimmel. The talk show host who shifts from midnight to 11:35 p.m. on ABC this week tells B&C there's no need to be nervous: "I know we'll work hard, I know we'll do the best we can. And the rest is up to the universe."

Lean on us. From our weekly print edition to daily breaking news and newsletters and our more than 20 annual in-person events, B&C is as committed as ever to keeping you informed, connected and inspired. And we want to hear from you. So raise your hand, read up and we'll see you on the other side of the rainbow.

Happy New Year,

The Staff of B&C