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Leigh Lights Up 'Weeds' Arc

Jennifer Jason Leigh will join Weeds for a story arc on the series' fifth season on Showtime.
Leigh will play Jill Price-Gray, the older sister of pot-selling mom Nancy Botwin, the show's star portrayed by Mary Louise Parker. Production has commenced on the fifth season, which is scheduled to premiere on June 8 at 10 p.m. (ET/PT).
In the upcoming campaign, when Nancy finds herself and her family in harm's way, she sends Andy (Justin Kirk) to take her son Shane (Alexander Gould) to live with her estranged older sister. But when Jill gets fed up with her own suburban family, she finds her way back into Nancy's life, jealous, frustrated, and intent on finally hashing things out with her little sister.
Leigh, slated to appear in at least two installments, will mark her debut on Weeds in the season's second episode on June 15.
A Showtime spokesman dismissed a New York Post report that Parker is considering leaving Weeds after its sixth campaign, noting that the premium network and Parker -- at the moment -- are only contracted with series' producer Lionsgate through that point.