Leading antenna maker facing $111K fine

One of the country's largest builders and operators of broadcast and wireless
antennas might have to pay a $111,000 fine for apparent violations of Federal
Communications Commission lighting and other maintenance regulations at six
company antennas around the country.

SpectraSite Communications Inc. failed to register one antenna, to post
registrations properly at another two and to repair lighting, control and alarm
systems at another three.

The FCC action comes on the heels of a $17,000 fine levied in March for four
other violations.

The agency called SpectraSite's repeated violations 'very troubling' and
tripled the base amount that typically would have been levied against the latest

'SpectraSite's continuing violation of the antenna-structure requirements
evinces a pattern of noncompliance with an apparent disregard for these
safety-related rules,' the FCC said.

SpectraSite can appeal the ruling.

Company officials did not return a phone request for