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Leach back in Life of Luxury

Robin Leach is back on the beat as host of a one-hour special ABC has ordered
called Life of Luxury, scheduled to air sometime this season.

The show will take viewers behind the scenes into the lives of celebrities
and the super-rich.

"Ten years ago I thought I'd seen everything when it came to the biggest
yachts, the most luxurious private jets, the ultimate in mega-mansions and the
largest jewels in the world. But today it's all back -- bigger and better than
ever before." Leach, once the well-known personality behind Lifestyles of the
Rich and Famous
, also will look at the way the wealthy got that way and at
what they do with their money, including their philanthropic work.

Segments will explore Caesar's Palace's high-roller suites in Las Vegas and
tour Virgin magnate Richard Branson's private Caribbean island.

Andy Friendly, former president of programming and production at King World,
will executive produce the show, and Krysia Plonka will co-executive produce.

If the special is a success, ABC is considering turning it into a series,
says a spokeswoman. The show has not yet been scheduled for the 2003-04 season.