Layer3 TV Plays Pandora

Layer3 TV, the Denver-based next-gen cable operator, said it has integrated Pandora’s music streaming service on all its set-top boxes.

Layer3 TV said its integration of Pandora supports features such as creating stations, thumbing and skipping tracks and discovering new artists.

All the features listeners have come to love and expect from the world’s leading music streaming service can now be found on the Layer3 TV Set-Top Box including creating stations, thumbing and skipping tracks, and discovering new artists. Dish Network and Comcast (for X1) are among other MVPDs that provide access to Pandora on set-top boxes. 

The latest set-top tie-in follows Layer3 TV’s recent integration of iHeartRadio. Layer3 TV has also integrated Facebook and YouTube on its set-tops and is expected to add more apps to the mix.

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“Layer3 TV set out to have the television be at the center of the living room,” Lindsay Gardner, Layer3 TV’s chief content officer, said in a statement. “Now our customers, who have enjoyed the highest quality television experience, can seamlessly enjoy the finest selection of music with Pandora’s elegant interface and personalized listening experience. We know this feature will delight our Layer3 TV customer base and is another example of a next-generation feature we pride ourselves on as a company.”

Layer3 TV currently offers service in Los Angeles; Chicago; Washington D.C.; Dallas/Ft. Worth; and Longmont, Colo., with access to the greater Denver area on deck.

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Company CEO Jeff Binder recently confirmed on a discussion streamed on Facebook Live that Layer3 TV is preparing to launch service in New York City.

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