Layer3 TV On A Hiring Spree

Layer3 TV, the startup backed by industry vets that is developing a “next generation cable provider,” is clearly in hiring mode, and appears to be in the process of adding hundreds of staffers.

Its careers Web page shows that the company will be seeking workers in more than a dozen areas that will be based at Layer3 TV’s headquarters in Boston as well as in Denver, which also happens to be an area that's rich with video engineering expertise. Its Linked In page lists at least 15 individual job postings, including a CDN application and systems engineer.

The company’s Web-based careers page doesn’t spell out Layer3 TV’s still-cryptic plans, but it does offer some hints about its cloud-based approach, and even makes a reference to the Reference Design Kit (RDK), the pre-integrated software stack for IP-capable set-tops being managed by Comcast and Time Warner Cable.

In Boston, for example, the company is seeking senior and junior developers to help Layer3 TV implement what it says will serve as its “real-time, cloud-based foundation of our service.”  Other areas of employment focus in Boston include user interface/user experience engineers for the service’s front-end for set-tops, tablets and smartphones; user input and personalization (including vice-based input systems and natural language processing and recommendation systems); quality assurance; and embedded systems expertise that will work with the company’s “Linux/RDK-based systems.”

“Knowing what RDK is counts as extra credit!” proclaims that listing.

According to the careers area, the Denver team’s focus will include systems development and engineering teams, and a video engineering team that will be tasked with “integrating and deploying a highly distributed, scalable and reliable IP video platform for delivering video content.” Layer3 TV’s Denver-based squad will also focus on network development and engineering (intra data center network design for connecting servers/systems and the backbone/metro based networks).

Layer3 TV has not revealed the current size of its employment base, but its Linked In page notes it has between 11 and 50 employees. “We currently have a substantial team in Boston,” a company spokesman said via email.

Its anticipated presence in Denver will evidently be sizable as well.

According to The Denver Post and other media reports, Layer3 TV requested a $2.9 million in incentive tax credits in exchange for creating 321 new jobs in the Denver area. 

Last week, Layer3 TV announced an initial closing of a $21 million “A” round led by North Bridge Venture Partners and Evolution Media Growth Partners.