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Larry Kane retiring at KYW-TV

Philadelphia news icon Larry Kane will retire from active TV anchoring next

Kane planned to make the announcement on Tuesday night's KYW-TV late

While settlement talks with the station were clearly prompted by his apparent
demotion to second chair -- following the station's signing of WPVI-TV's Marc
Howard as lead anchor -- the 45-year broadcast veteran and 36-year anchor said
he's put that behind him.

Kane spoke well of new vice president and general manager Peter Dunn and wished his longtime station

He'll continue with the company, providing special news-based programming for
co-owned KYW(AM), as well as consulting for two as-yet-unidentified
communications companies.

The controversy that followed Howard's hiring -- during which Kane and his
manager, Alfred Geller, made clear their disappointment -- "only made me realize
all the opportunities there were for me," he said.

Kane will also tour to promote his upcoming book on his 1964 travels with the
Beatles, Ticket to Ride.

"We had hoped that Larry would stay on at KYW-3," Dunn said, "but while
disappointed that he will not be part of our news team in the new year, I
respect his decision. He has made enormous contributions to this station for
almost 10 years, and I know that he will continue to share his perspective
through various Philadelphia media."