L Word Creator to Chart Online Progress

Ilene Chaiken, creator and executive producer of Showtime Networks' The L Word, teamed up with a group of women in entertainment and technology to form a new company called OurChart.com.

The site, which will launch in January, “will be a vibrant, full-featured social network on the Web for lesbians and their friends,” the company said in a release. “It is expected to be the first online social space built entirely to interconnect and engage this community, and it will feature original content, as well as encourage user-generated content. It will be both a destination and a jumping off point for lesbians on the Internet.”

The premise for the company was inspired by one of the central story lines in the primetime lesbian drama: a wall-sized, handwritten white-board chart designed to keep track of the various connections, hookups and heartbreaks among The L Word’s characters.

“I wanted to take the experience I have had telling stories on The L Word and expand it to an interactive medium so that women can tell their own stories and share their own interests," Chaiken said in a prepared statement.