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Kurt Greves Joins Faction Media As Partner

Former AMC and Comedy Central exec Kurt Greves has joined marketing and communications firm Faction Media as a partner.

Greves resume includes VP posts at both Rainbow Networks (most recently) and Comedy Central, as well as Cox Media in Phoenix. That experience included developing sales initiatives for Comcast, Time Warner, Charter, Cablevision, and CableOne.

Faction provides strategic planning, digital marketing and media planning and buying, among other services. Its other partners are Aaron Batte, Steve Riegel and Dave Greves (Kurt's cousin).

"We are very excited that Kurt has joined the Faction Media team and we are eager to tap into his expertise and leadership within the cable television business,” said Aaron Batte, co-founder and account services director, in announcing the addition. “With his background, Kurt has already got lots of great ideas to help move our business forward within the cable and multichannel industry and to showcase our digital marketing expertise.”