KTRK apologizes for Bubble Boy clip

Carol Ann Demaret was unaware of why she'd received flowers from KTRK-TV
Houston. The mother of Houston's famed "bubble boy," David Vetter, assumed it
was because the station had used little of the lengthy interview she'd given
regarding new developments in the treatment of severe combined immunodeficiency,
which afflicted her late son.

But it was actually because that story, according to local sources, included
a clip from last year's comedy theatrical, Bubble Boy, that showed a boy
in a bubble wiped out by a moving bus.

News director Dave Strickland has issued what Demaret called "a profound
apology," and Demaret hoped those responsible for the wayward insert wouldn't be

Strickland would not comment on possible discipline, calling it a personnel

Demaret, in fact, had protested to The Walt Disney Co., the film's producer and
KTRK's parent company.