KSAT's Grant pleads guilty

Just as his trial was to begin, former KSAT San Antonio news anchor Gerry Grant agreed to
plead guilty to possession of child pornography.

According to the agreement, Grant will serve five years and pay a fine of

Grant was arrested in October 2000 after purchasing from undercover officers
explicit photos of children engaging in sex acts.

Prosecutors had planned to present as evidence tapes of Grant discussing
violent sex with children, including paying extra for sex with a very young girl
and molesting a girl in Mexico.

In a statement given in court, Grant said he had never done those things, but
he was merely talking in what he believed to be a private encounter with a

"I am repulsed by what I said and I'm further repulsed by what I said because
I have a sexual addiction," Grant told the court. "But the things I said were
awful. I apologize to the city, to my family for saying these things and I was
always a big-time news anchorman and I felt so empty inside. There was a hole
inside me that never could be filled."

Two years of treatment had helped him, Grant said, "and my life started to
make sense. That I'm not this big-time person. I'm just a regular person trying
to get along, that I'm just an addict trying to get my life