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KRON apologizes for private Puppetry

The title Puppetry of the Penis already suggests that something other
than Senor Wences' thumb would be showcased, but KRON-TV staff didn't expect the
kind of brief, no-briefs shot that made it on the air.

The shot of the "genital origami" practitioners -- in a segment for KRON's
morning news -- was supposed to have been blocked to avoid the exposure of cast
member Doug Friend, but the choreography proved flawed. An on-air apology was
followed by an off-air apology.

"Even though the nature of live television lends itself to surprises and
unexpected activities," the station said, "we take full responsibility and
assure viewers that this will not happen again."

Clearly, station manager Craig Marrs said, more caution could have been
exercised, but it basically was a case of bad choreography, although station
officials would not confirm or deny local reports that some staffers had been

Following the exposure, the performers were chastised by news managers and
escorted out, sources said.