Kool-Aid Allocates Significant Ad Budget Towards Hispanic Market

Kraft expects its spending towards the Hispanic market to triple this year, reports The New York Times.

has not provided specific figures, but expects the percentage of
Hispanic marketing to be in the double digits. Its Kool-Aid brand has
allocated the majority of its marketing budget for this year to reach
the Hispanic market, which is a first for a Kraft brand. Commercials
have been running on Telemundo and Univision this week.

campaign centers around a family theme, which appeals to Latino parents
who fear that the American way of life is too "fast-paced," the article said. The brand
will sponsor a new family movie night on Telemundo, Cine en Casa,
which will start airing on June 5. Collaborating with Univision radio,
it will also sponsor outdoor screenings of Spanish-language movies in
outdoor parks in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas and Houston.

Almost 20% of Kool-Aid drinkers are Hispanic, and they are second to African-Americans in fruit-drink consumption, the article noted.

Kool-Aid spent $2.8 million of its $23.7 ad budget on Hispanic markets last year.