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Kling Exiting American Public Media

American Public Media Group CEO Bill Kling is leaving the
organization he founded in 1966.

Kling announced Friday he will be exiting in June 2011 but will
continue to work to strengthen public media outside APMG by developing new
fundraising initiatives, according to the parent company of Minnesota Public
Radio and American Public Media.

Minnesota Public Radio is one of the biggest programming producers
for public radio, including its best-known offerings A Prairie Home Companion and Marketplace.

He will also work to help boost community journalism at a time
when the industry is in the midst of a sea change. "Journalism is at a
crossroads and it's clearer every day that public media has a bigger role to
play," Kling said in a statement. "I'm looking forward to the opportunity to
collaborate with public broadcasting leaders across the country on ideas to
strengthen public media's regional newsgathering capacity.

"Bill Kling is unique in terms of his ability to sustain an
amazing level of energy, vision and creativity over a remarkable and storied
career," said MPR and APMG Board Chair Randall Hogan. "Most CEOs
count their years in office on the fingers of one hand; Bill has twice run out
of fingers and toes to mark his years of service but is nowhere near out of
ideas, commitment or passion. We're delighted that he intends to continue
to lend himself to the cause of public media after APMG."

No replacement has been named, but the search is on through a
special committee.