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King World snuffs Cindy Margolis

King World has confirmed that they've turned the lights off on beach party hour The Cindy Margolis Show.

The rookie program's final airing was last weekend, January 27-28. A source close to the show explained that it couldn't keep the show's production going with its national ratings regularly hovering in the 1.0 range. The source indicated Cindy was never King World's highest priority, since the distributor inherited the show from Eyemark Entertainment after the two companies merged last year under CBS.

Starting this weekend on WCBS, Cindy Margolis' Saturday and Sunday late night runs at 12:30 a.m. will replaced with off-net runs of The Outer Limits and Early Edition, respectively.

In Chicago, on WPWR-TV, sports entertainment freshman hour Thunderbox will move into Cindy Margolis' home at midnight. - Susanne Ault