King World killing Curtis Court

Sources say King World has called it quits on Curtis Court.

Apparently, studio chief Roger King informed Curtis Court production staff members late Thursday that the show would not be on the air next fall. A King World spokesperson said the studio "was 99% sure" the show would not come back, but pointed out that there are enough episodes in the can for it to run through Sept. 6 2001.

That would mean both of King World's freshmen projects won't see a second season, considering its recent cancellation of The Cindy Margolis Show. While it tended to out-perform rival freshman, Warner Bros.' Moral Court, Curtis Court typically hovered around a 1.0 Nielsen rating.

Other court shows reportedly on the ropes, most likely due to the crowded nature of the genre, include Judge Mills Lane. Many Tribune-owned stations have not signed onto the series for next fall. - Susanne Ault