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Kinetic Content, Calamari Productions Strike First-Look, Co-Production Deal

Kinetic Content and Calamari Productions have struck a first-look,
co-production deal to collaborate on several projects, the first of which is a
nonfiction series entitled Parole.

Parole will give
an inside look into the juvenile parole process and the effect it has on young people, their families and society.

Chip Warren, VP of development at Calamari, and Emma Conway,
executive producer in charge of development at Kinetic, will work with Kinetic Content CEO Chris
Coelen and Calamari Productions founder and president Karen Grau to develop additional

"Over the past 14 years, Calamari has earned the trust of
the juvenile justice system and its participants, and produced amazing,
award-winning documentary films," said Coelen.  "We are honored to be able
to work with Karen, Chip and the team at Calamari to help showcase their
efforts on a wider platform."

Calamari Productions is an independent television and
digital media production company that focuses on the U.S. juvenile justice
system and child welfare, and is the only television production company in the U.S.
with access inside juvenile courts, detention centers and prisons in a number
of states.

Grau adds: "The work we do at Calamari is
extremely sensitive and demands the highest level of integrity.  There is
no one we trust more than Chris and the team at Kinetic to bring such
principled experience to our projects together.  We couldn't be more
thrilled to announce this collaboration."