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Kilar: Hulu Ad, Subscription Revenue to Reach Half a Billion in '11

Hulu is expected to pull in more than half a billion dollars in ad and subscription revenue this year, the company's CEO Jason Kilar said, according to a Mediaweek article. That boon would be close to a 100% increase after the company reported $263 million last year.

In a Feb. 28 speech at the Interactive Advertising Bureau's annual conference in La Quinta, Calif., Kilar said Hulu has 627 advertisers and 250 content partners. Just three years ago, the site launched with 12 advertisers and two content partners.

Kilar didn't mention recent speculation that the online video service may shift towards a subscription model. He said 41% of television revenue comes from advertising while 28% comes from consumer transactions and the final 31% from subscription revenue.

"Time spent versus ad dollars spent is incredibly out of whack," Kilar said, citing that the percentage of time a person spends on the Web is greater than the amount of money spent on the Web in the U.S. The gap is closing and "that should make you salivate," said Kilar. --David Tanklefsky