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Kerry, Bush Split Ohio

In the syndicated-TV talk race between the first couple and their Democratic challengers, John Kerry and Teresa Heinz Kerry, the results were as even as the political race seems to be.

In the key battleground of Ohio (no Republican has lost the state and captured the White House), the two split the state's four metered markets, with the Kerry's winning Cleveland and Dayton, and the Bushes Cincinnati and Columbus.

Each couple made an appearance on King World's Dr. Phil to talk about parenting.

Overall, the Bush's scored the highest numbers in the 56 metered markets with a 5.2 rating/13 share average for their Sept. 29 interview with Dr. Phil and his wife, Robin, compared with a 5.0/13 for the Kerry's appearance Oct. 6.

The Bush's won in two thirds of the markets (would that make them red markets?), but the Kerry's won in four of the top six markets, New York. L.A., San Francisco, and Boston.