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Kellner Yields to Three at WB

Jamie Kellner will step down from The WB Television Network at the end of
this broadcast season, leaving his job to three heirs: Garth Ancier, who will be
The WB’s chairman; Jordan Levin, who will be promoted to CEO
in charge of programming and day-to-day operations of the network; and Jed
Petrick, who will remain president and chief operating officer.

Petrick will continue to head advertising sales, network distribution,
broadcast standards, research, administration, human resources, The WB 100+ and
Kids’ WB!.

Ancier and Levin will report to Barry Meyer, chairman and CEO of Warner Bros. Entertainment, while Petrick will report to Levin.

In the meantime, Ancier will serve as the network’s co-chairman along with
Kellner, and will continue to serve as a consultant to Turner Broadcasting System Inc.,
which Ancier left after Kellner quit as chief of Turner’s cable networks in

Levin will be co-CEO through May.