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"Katie Couric's Legs" Are Made for Walking

As the frenzied speculation over Katie Couric’s likely departure from Today began to boil over in the weeks leading up to her announcement last Wednesday, some Katie watchers were apparently already missing her—or at least her most famous pair of assets.

According to the online-measurement company Hitwise, Internet search terms that included the words "Katie Couric" spiked in the four-week period that ended April 1. In a ranking of the most popular search terms, "katie couric leg pictures" was No. 3 while "photos of katie couric’s legs" came in at No. 6.

We can only assume that fans of Couric’s legendarily luminous gams, fearing they would soon disappear forever behind the CBS anchor desk, wanted to revel in the 15 years when they were on display on Today.

As if Couric weren’t burdened enough with having to prove she has the substance to be an anchor!

But really, who knows what The Evening News With Katie Couric might look like come September? Given CBS Corp. chief
Leslie Moonves’ comment last year that "it might be time to change it up and do something different," perhaps Couric will eschew the desk altogether and deliver the news with crossed legs in full view.

Then there
are the fans who’d be happy if she just went sleeveless—No. 7 on the list: "katie couric’s biceps."