Kasenna Debuts ‘High Performance Streaming’

Kasenna Inc. Monday introduced its “High Performance Streaming” option for its “MediaBase XMP” video-server platform.

The combination of MediaBase XMP and the HPS software enables the newest product in Kasenna's video-server line, the “RAMBase” video server.

The vendor said RAMBase “provides industry-leading stream density of over 40,000 streams per-rack, all on off-the-shelf hardware utilizing the latest Intel [Corp.] ‘Xeon’ processors with ‘Intel Extended Memory 64 Technology.’”

“With the addition of HPS and RAMBase to our product offerings, Kasenna brings to the market not only advanced technologies on mainstream platforms, but also a proven and time-tested server solution for high-performance streaming," Kasenna chairman and CEO Mark Gray said in a prepared statement.

“As video-on-demand deployments grow in size and scope, RAMBase will help our customers to scale their networks in the most cost-effective way,” Gray added.