Kantar Debuts Tool To Analyze DirecTV Set-Top Data

Kantar Media is pitching a TV audience analytics tool that will let customers run reports on return-path data collected from set-tops with 100,000 DirecTV subscribers.

The InfoSysRPD software -- which Kantar said took three years of intensive development -- is being launched initially for the DirecTView service and will be available for other Kantar Media RPD services later this year.

The software lets DirecTView customers analyze live and DVR audience viewing behaviors at a second-by-second level across more than 350 channels. According to Kantar, the 100,000-household sample is projectable to DirecTV's entire subscriber base of more than 17 million households.

"The launch of InfoSysRPD raises the bar for Return Path Data audience behavior research and analytics in the U.S.," George Shababb, president of Kantar Media Audiences North America, said in a statement. "InfoSysRPD's advanced applications create more actionable insights that help users identify and maximize revenue opportunities, and as a result make more confident business decisions."

Kantar Media, previously TNS Media, tracks more than 3 million brands for more than 22,000 customers worldwide.