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Kaltura Launches Video Platform as a Service

Video tech provider Kaltura has a launched a new video platform as a service (VPaaS) offering, aimed at giving clients the ability to build and launch video applications, and integrate video into existing platforms and workflows.

The cloud-based service covers hundreds of application program interfaces (APIs), and will be available for public, private and hybrid cloud deployment. Kaltura is offering the new service to developers immediately.

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“Until today there has not been a cloud offering that provides a self-service platform with elastic flexibility coupled with the end-to-end capabilities needed to handle video as a native asset - from ingestion through enrichment, delivery, analytics and experience - while allowing developers to easily tackle the challenges of dealing with video at scale, and tightly integrated within their systems,” said Ron Yekutiel, Kaltura’s co-founder, chairman and CEO.

“With Kaltura VPaaS, customers as diverse as integrators, technology providers, SaaS companies, tech and media start-ups, media companies, telcos, retailers, insurance companies, and healthcare organizations can streamline and then accelerate their use of video quickly and cost-effectively using one single video platform that caters to all use cases.”

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Kaltura said its VPaaS service will support all devices, media workflows and applications, and users will have access to the company’s developer community, solution providers and tech partners.