Kaltura, Akamai Cache in on OTT Delivery

Kaltura said it is boosting the quality of its online video platform and adding a “download-to-go” capability by implementing a “predictive” content delivery system from Akamai Technologies that prepositions some content on the user’s viewing device.

Under the agreement, which integrates Akamai’s Predictive Content Delivery system with Kaltura’s TV platform, the joint offering enables on-device caching of certain content in the background, based on the user’s profile and history, they said.

The result will allow for smooth offline viewing on any device regardless of network connection and quality, they added.

“By prepositioning video to the device, Predictive Content Delivery removes many of the barriers that discourage on-the-go viewing such as poor network conditions, heavy data usage associated with streaming video and access to available content,” John Sconyers, global senior director of cloud services partners at Akamai, said in a statement.

Kaltura’s customers include HBO, TMZ, Weather Nation, NBCU, TV Azteca, and TNT, among others.