Kaiser study shows TV sex impacts teens

Teens say TV influences their sexual behavior, including how to say no.

According to a study of 503 15- through 17-year-olds by the Kaiser Family
Foundation and U.S. News and World Report, 72 percent of respondents said
sexual content on TV influences their peers 'a lot' (32 percent) or 'somewhat'
(40 percent).

Interestingly, though, only 22 percent said it influences their own

Many of the teens said TV has actually helped them to deal with sexual
situations. Six out of 10 said sexual scenes on TV helped to show them 'how to
say no to a sexual situation that makes them uncomfortable,' and 43 percent said
it helped them to talk 'to a partner' about safe sex.

Still, they said they found few role models for sexual behavior on TV. When
asked if there was any character that provided such a model in 'how they handle
their dating relationships and sex life,' 86 percent said no.

For a summary of 'Teens, Sex and TV,' click on http://www.kff.org/content/2002/3229/.