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KA-POW! T-Mobile Web Video Seeks Help From 'FCC Five'

T-Mobile is taking its fight for more low-band spectrum in the upcoming broadcast incentive auction to social media in a new video that portrays Verizon and AT&T as a two-headed comic book villain (i.e., a duopoly) in need of smashing by the forces of T-Mobile and The FCC Five.

The wireless company had been pushing the FCC to reserve 40 MHz of low-band spectrum for competitive carriers, given how much of that spectrum dominant carriers AT&T and Verizon already have.

Federal Communications Commission chairman Tom Wheeler has proposed leaving the set-aside at 30 MHz, with a vote scheduled for July 16.

T-Mobile president John Legere tweeted about and appears in the video, which has the retro feel of a D.C. Batman comic book of the 1960s; it calls on consumers to encourage the FCC to fight the evil forces of lobbyists and "the dark force flying in the shadows" -- the two-headed duopoly monster.

"This is a battle over who will control the future of wireless," T-Mobile states, and if the dreaded duopoly wins, consumers will be stuck with them as gatekeepers for the mobile Internet.

Preventing that, says T-Mobile, is the job of The FCC Five; the commissioners are depicted as a sort of mobile wireless Justice League of hunky super heroes ready to take on the minions of the dark duopoly lords.

Legere appears at the end asking Web surfers to make some noise, saying the FCC is still deciding what to do.