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JVC Introduces Inexpensive ProHD Camcorders

JVC has launched two relatively inexpensive camcorders, the GY-HM700 ProHD camcorder and the GY-HM100 ProHD that offers users low prices and some technological firsts, according to Craig Yanagi, JVC's national marketing manager for creation products.

Both cameras "were designed and developed with native Final Cut pro recording capability," Yanagi said. "This is the first time that a professional camera manufacturer has been licensed by Apple to use this technology."

Apple's Final Cut Pro has become increasingly popular in the production community. Designing the cameras to record in the .mov file format means that post production can begin immediately after shooting. "There is no ingest necessary so there is zero downtime," he said.

The GY-HM700 is also the industry's first shoulder mounted camcorder to store files on inexpensive SDHC memory cards. "It allows you to record high bandwidth video at about a buck a minute, which is on par with Betacam SP but light years ahead in efficiency and operation," Yanagi said.

Yanagi also said JVC's alliance with Sony means it is possible for the GY-HM700 to record in Sony XDCAM EX compatible files. "The professional market has been looking for some uniformity as regards to platforms," he said. "Our announcement with Sony last year at IBC was the first time that two professional camera manufacturers were converging and aligning on a single recording platform."

Scripps Television has ordered the GY-HM700 cameras for its stations.

The GY-HM700 is priced at $7,995 and includes a new chip that JVC is calling a "dynamic digital signal processor" to improve imaging. The higher resolution imaging is complemented by a new Canon KT14x4.4KRSI lens, which will be available in June. The camera supports all major HD formats and has a new LCOS viewfinder that can display images at over five times the resolution of typical color viewfinders, Yanagi said.

The GY-HM100 was previewed at the Final Cut Pro User Group SuperMeet at Macworld in January but was not formally announced until mid-February. This lighter, hand-held camcorder weights about 3.1 pounds and has a list price of $3,995.