Juniper Takes Initiative on IPTV

Juniper Networks Inc. announced an ongoing program designed to enable providers to more rapidly and cost-effectively deploy Internet-protocol-TV and multiplay service offerings using open, flexible and best-of-breed networks.

As the first phase of its “Open IPTV and Multiplay Initiative,” the vendor introduced its new “Open IP Service Creation Program” Monday. The immediate availability of an open application-programming interface will enable applications to interact intelligently with IP networks.

Juniper also announced that its “E-series” broadband-services router is the first to comply with TR-101 and Layer 2 Control Protocol, two key industry specifications that streamline and simplify service delivery in multivendor network environments.

“With our open IP strategy, Juniper will help to accelerate a new generation of multiplay service deployments with our leading service-provider customers worldwide,” Juniper vice president of service-provider marketing and partnerships Shailesh Shukla said in a prepared statement.