JTV Plans Early 2005 Launch

Jewish Television (JTV) said Tuesday that it plans to launch in early 2005.

The 24-hour national Jewish network said it has held talks with major cable and direct-broadcast satellite operators to carry it as a digital-basic service.

“The programming strategy is news and reality-driven, yet not just news and not just Jews,” CEO John Odoner said in a prepared statement. “With a distinctive slant on current events and cultural trends, JTV can target adults 18-49 with a mix of news, comedy, reality shows, business, sports, movies, music, religion, health and Hollywood.”

Odoner added, “Certain programs naturally will carry a unique Jewish perspective, which happens to be entertaining to a much broader audience. So mix one part Fox News Channel with one part Comedy Central, [MTV: Music Television] and ESPN, add a special editorial voice, stir thoroughly and you have JTV.”

As for the network’s launch, he said, “After consulting with key cable and satellite executives, JTV management and our board of advisors now believe the timing is right for JTV. We believe we can quickly achieve widespread brand recognition, considering the world's current state of affairs and intertwined issues -- from the global terrorist threat to Mideast security to leading productive lives in the midst of it all.”