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Joost Becomes a HealthiNation Citizen

HealthiNation will be a featured content partner on Joost.

The two companies said the digital health network’s advertisers will be offered a range of interactive features such as overlays, integrated video-placement opportunities and other engagement-oriented features.

The broadcast-quality Internet-TV service will offer HealthiNation's complete health-video library, including digital bio-animation sequences, on-camera doctors and real-life patient experiences on health topics like diabetes, pregnancy, cancer treatment, autism and nutrition.

Joost is backed by Janus Friis and Niklas Zennstrom, the duo who founded free-Internet-phone company Skype, which eBay acquired for $2.6 billion. They also created the Kazaa file-swapping software, which was the target of a successful copyright-infringement lawsuit by music companies.